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                                                                                               26th October, 2009


To Ruth Taylor,





Please am really very sorry for interfere with your lovely good day programmes.I would like to draw your attention to the article/advertisement that featured on KTN news dated 19th, August, 2007 and in the Standard newspaper dated 20 th, August 2007 which highlighted the plight of five disabled children in Suba District in Kenya. Being their contact person I am taking this opportunity in Jesus name to implore on any well wisher to offer any kind of support to the aforementioned individuals bearing that the parents have no viable income.


Please i was looking for sponsors for five disabled children, the assistance whether financial or otherwise will be sonely dedicated towards the well being of the disabled children both domestic and in any other field which may deem important including health. Your contribution will be generally appreciated during this time of need.

Please you can also sms or call me via my cellphone number: - +254 714065925 or email me via my private email address (ja_rusinga2008@yahoo.com) for more information


May God bless you, your family, friends and finally your place of work in Jesus Christ name.


Thanks for very much for your little contribution and looking forward to hear from you soon.


Yours Faithfully,

Blasto O. Okomo



NB:-Please attached find the copy of the news featured in the standard newspaper on 20th, August, 2007 for more about our islands Rusinga and Mfangano and the rest of Lake Victoria you can visit www.safarikenya.net or www.rusinga.com.

September 2, 2007


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 Couple strives to raise five disabled children

Published on August 20, 2007, 12:00 am

By Mangoa Mosota

A couple in Mbita, Suba District, is struggling to raise five family members who are mentally and physically disabled.

The siblings, aged between 26 and 18, have stunted growth, and their knees are scarred as a result of crawling.

Mr David Oyugi and his wife, Mary Anyango, told The Big Issue that they were forced to relocate from their rural home in Mfangano Island to Mbita town due to discrimination.

Mr David Oyugi and his wife, Mary Anyango, with their five disabled children at their home in Mbita town. Discrimination by villagers forced them to leave their rural home.

Picture by James Keyi

"We were told that a satanic spirit was stalking us. In 1986, we moved to Mbita town in the hope that we could leave the evil spirits behind," said Oyugi, 53.

The couple’s first child, born healthy in 1980, died a few months ago. The second, Ms Rose Atieno, 25, and two other children were born with disabilities.

"Some people, including relatives, urged me to seek the services of a witchdoctor but I refused. I thought that subsequent children could be different," said Anyango, 45.

Taking care of the children is a heavy task

But it seems even their relocation could not shake off ‘the spirit’.

They got two more girls with disabilities. When The Big Issue visited their home, the couple was feeding the children.

"We take turns to feed, clean, and carry the children. They are our love, said Anyango.

"Initially, I had even thought of strangling them because they suffer so much, but I came to appreciate their condition."

And taking care of the children is a heavy task for the secondhand clothes dealer and her husband, a casual employee at a school.

The children dropped out of a special school in Homa Bay after only three months.

"Mimi niko na taabu nyingi. Nilijaribu kuwapeleka shule lakini karo ikawa shida (I have many problems. I tried to enroll them in school, but could not due lack of fees," says the mother.

Congenital abnormalities

Their plight is exemplified by lack of a pit latrine in the homestead. The family lives in a mud house donated by a Good Samaritan.

"Sometimes we go without food for days," said Oyugi.

Anyango has to juggle between her small business and numerous domestic chores, including fetching water from Lake Victoria, about 3km away.

"By the time I go to bed, I am very exhausted. Worse still, I have to wake up at night several times to attend to their needs," she says.

Dr Otieno Obondi, head of surgery at Nyanza Provincial Hospital, says the children’s condition is known as congenital abnormalities.

"It’s an hereditary condition, acquired through malfunction of the genetics," says Obondi.

But he adds that other non-genetic factors can cause the condition.

"Use of drugs by a woman, chemicals and exposure to radiation can contribute to these kind of disabilities," he explains.

The best way to deal with such children, advises the doctor, is to take them to special schools.

"They need therapy at birth to adapt to life. Besides, they require occupational therapy to engage in some career in their life," he says.




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